Video Security System Installation     
    With so much invested in your business and home, keeping it safe and secure
is a top priority.
  While business and home owners might want to think crime will never strike their  
Home or business, it's a risk many aren't willing to take.
  To help protect their offices and stores, many have installed video surveillance
equipment that allows them to record everything that's happening inside and
outside of their businesses.

  Video surveillance systems include several types of cameras that keep watch over
a business, as well as
DVR- digital video recorders  or NVR- Network video Recorde
that store all of the video for review. Many systems not only let you check the videos
from inside the business, but also give you the ability to check your video feed
remotely via smartphones and tablets Android IOS.
Considering a video surveillance system for your business? If you’re looking for
information to help you choose the one that’s right for you,
Enterprises are appreciating the benefits of IP surveillance systems and video
management systems (VMS), and realizing they are great investments that have both
functional and financial benefits.
The reality of it is, do you really want to skim
dollars for the safety of your family or valiables which you as a family work hard for?

Don;t you want to deter and discourage someone from the act instead of having an
alarm that captures videos Inside! ?

Today, IP cameras provide superior image quality, scalability and advanced
functionalities such as analytics that were not possible with older technologies.
Video streams can now be accessed by security management remotely via laptops,
smartphones and more.

   And current IP surveillance systems
are more cost-effective than ever before, and
with a broad set of meaningful integrations they can deliver a high return on

      But most important is someone with knowlege to help you with your camer
system purchase.
    Someone that does an installation that reviews your needs and are able to
suggest what your needs are by their experienceand recommendation.
   Camera surveillance systems today are helping decrease crime.
Technology makes it easier to identify suspects in surveillance photos and video .
Even if the cameras systems are more expensive, they still  offer 24/7 surveillance
with HD 1080 for best play back.
For example, current analog systems could be
reaching end of life for support, as many manufacturers have stopped making
analog recording devices. And, IP cameras have the ability to make use of existing
network infrastructure in good condition, to save on installation costs.

IP surveillance solutions can even help to meet compliance needs in specific
industries such as banking and gaming, and with IP surveillance systems, video and
data storage can be easily expanded onsite or by using Cloud-based on-demand
A home camera security system can be a great deterrent to home break-
ins and provide you with recordable video footage of what happens in and around

Lorex's Vantage business security systems include multiple options for viewing,
monitoring and recording. Their super-resolution security cameras are designed to
capture detailed video footage both day and night. Dome security cameras are also
available. With the Lorex systems, businesses can monitor their surveillance
cameras via a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac computer.

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What Is the Difference between NVR and DVR?
The difference between an NVR and DVR can be confusing to many. To work out the puzzle, you need to have a clear understanding of what exactly is a DVR/
NVR first.

DVR stands for digital video recorder and NVR stands for network video recorder. Since they are both responsible for the video recording as the name
suggests, what’s the difference between them?

Technically, the two recorders differ in the way they process the video recording. The DVR is an electronic device, the input of which is from a direct
connection to the camera and the video is encoded and processed at the DVR.

Compared with DVR, the NVR is a software program and it inputs the videos from network. The video on an NVR is firstly encoded and processed at the
camera, then streamed to the NVR for storage or remote viewing.

Based on their different working patterns, the NVR and DVR have to use different type of cameras, which reflects the biggest difference between these two
types of video recorders. A DVR uses analog security cameras (cctv cameras) that are connected via a coax cable, while an NVR uses IP cameras
(standalone image capturing devices) that are transmitted via a network cable.

A Comparison Chart Between NVR and DVR

Comparison        NVR        DVR
Cameras type        IP cameras        Analog security cameras
Recording quality        Higher        Lower
Signal        Unstable        Stable
Installation        Easier with wiring        Tougher with wiring
Configuration        Manual/automatic configuration        Plug and play
Cost        Higher        Lower
A table may not answer all your questions, you may read on for more detailed analysis and information.

The Bottom Line
There is no absolute answer to the question that which one is better between the DVR and NVR. I would personally prefer a NVR security system because it
is a real challenge for me to get the installation work done and the additional bonus provided by IP cameras really appeals to me. You should make a trade-
off according to your needs and situations.

After making the decision between the NVR and DVR, the last thing you may concern about is the safety of the recording box. There are some amazing tips
for you to prevent the NVR/DVR from being stolen. You can now have a well-rounded protection to your property and just set your NVR/DVR security system
with no hesitation.
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